Betsson: Peter from Sweden turned €1 bet to a €318,000 jackpot win playing Oily Business


Betsson Peter from Sweden turned 1 bet to a 318,000 jackpot win playing Oily Business

Betsson: Peter from Sweden turned €1 bet to a €318,000 jackpot win playing Oily Business

Peter from Sweden stayed home on Sunday night watching Holland – Mexico. During half time, he started playing Oily Businesson his mobile and kept on playing when thesecond half kicked off. After five minutes he made a €1 spin and won €318,000.

Oily Business is a brand new video slot amongst the Betsson Classics and was just released, on the 24th of June. Peter from Sweden, was watching the Holland-Mexico game – but since the game felt like a bedtime story, something more exciting caught his attention.

– It wasn´t a very interesting match. It needed some extra excitement, so I tried out the new Betsson Classic in the mobile Casino. Suddenly I was in a bonus game with a shot at the Dream Chance jackpot. First I entered the bronze wheel, and then the silver wheel. When the golden wheel started spinning I told myself, “Ah, yet another close call …” But then it actually happened! Bingo, Peter shouts out.

Peter, who has been playing at Betsson since Christmas, “hasn’t won more than a couple of hundred Euros before”.

– I have been playing at Betsson since they stopped taking bets at the local store. Usually I play 2-3 times a week, both Sportsbook and Casino, to add a little extra spice to my everyday life. If I had been caught on camera last night, you would have seen a record breaking smile on my face. This is a once in a lifetime experience, Peter laughs.

Our winner wasn´t lucky with the World Cup betting yesterday – his money was on Mexico.

– It looked good for a very long time, but it wasn´t the best match that I have seen. And then there´s Holland, with Arjen Robben – he´s such an actor. But who cares when you get this kind of return! I bet €1 and won €318,000 Peter laughs.

He had a little trouble sleeping last night, but after talking to us our winner feels a lot more relaxed.

– It feels so good. This gives a big sense of security. Now I can relax a little, and maybe even get a new car. I will share the money with my family, make some smart investments and give myself a little extra vacation. Can I come visit you this fall? I wanna meet you all, our winner asked.

You are more than welcome, Peter! And enjoy the €318,276 you won on Betsson Classics. And to all you others – try your luck on the Betsson Classics tonight and you might be the next Betsson big winner!


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