Dan Bilzerian join to Verne Troyer in new BGO campaign

Dan Bilzerian join to Verne Troyer in new BGO campaign


BGO Entertainment starts new marketing campaing, which will cost about 15 milion pounds! Faces of this campaign will be Verne Troyer a Hollywood star and Dan Blizerian who just joined the team.

Dan Blizerian is an real phenomenon. Philantropist, millionaire, poker player who is recognisable in the web and on TV. He should be an BGO Entertainment black horse in campaign.

Richard Skelhorn (co-founder of BGO Entertainemnt) looks forward after last year campaign: ‘Bringing Verne to bgo brand made a real step change in our buisness’ he said.

This time the team joined Dan Blizerian and with Verne Troyer campaing should me even more profitabe.

Dan Blizerian is so famous not only because he i san millionaire. He made huge ‘career’ on internet – instagram, facebook, twitter. Huge number of people followed his profiles.

Dan Bilzerian said ‘I am very selective who I do business with because in the world of gambling you are only as good as your word, and I’m excited to be working with BGO.’

Both stars should be a great shot for new BGO campaig which starts in Q4 of this year.

Last year’s campaign was a hit”, said Richard Skelhorn co-founder of BGO Entertainment. “Bringing Verne to the bgo brand made a real step change in our business. We also won the EGR innovation in marketing award and to have the opportunity to continue working with Verne was really a no-brainer, we just had to do it.”


BGO Casino – New website and new Beat the Boss Promotion – free spins gratis inside

New BGO Casino website is now live, with brand new star Verne Troyer.

The concept is that Verne is ‘The Boss’ at BGO Casino , and players will have a large number of achievements/challenges to try and ‘Beat the Boss’. This feature will give some great incentives and prizes to players for achieving various things.

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Verne J. Troyer (born January 1, 1969) is an American actor and stunt performer. Troyer is notable for his height of 2 ft 8 in (0.81 m), the result ofcartilage–hair hypoplasia dwarfism, making him one of the shortest men in the world. He is best known for playing Mini-Me in the Austin Powers series of comedy films.


Verne Troyer Mini Me 2



Watch as Verne Troyer, the boss of bgo online casino, notices too many of his customers are winning. A warning flashes up on his screen and he decides he must do something to stop everyone from winning!

Verne unsuccessfully attempts to stop his roulette customers from winning before trying to fix one of his bgo slot machines – both his attempts fail and the customers win, much to Verne’s frustration!

The ad finishes with Verne Troyer saying “I’m the boss at bgo, come and beat me!” along with the messaging: Get 20 Free Spins at bgo


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