GROUP B: Chile vs. Australia

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GROUP B:  Chile vs. Australia by OddsRing

In group B, the situation of advancement may at first glance seem certain – Spain and the Netherlands, 2010’s finalists, are nearly sure to take the lead. This battle between the group’s two underdogs will determine third place – and establish whether Chile, the stronger of the two, has it in them to fight for second, or whether Australia will collect some sensational points and turn around their downward spiral.


  • Chile

The Chilean team are the lucky underdogs, one may say, of the group. Less likely to succeed than the Spanish or Dutch, who faced off in the final of the last World Cup, they are much better than the Socceroos, who seem to only be making up the numbers in group B. Therefore, should one of the favorites slip, the Chilean squad will readily take their place.

With Arturo Vidal on their side, the team would seem sure of themselves – however, the player ha struggled to complete this week’s training. The rest of the squad will have to pick up his slack and push ahead under Jorge Sampaoli’s watchful eye – and if they best the Socceroos, take a stab at the other two teams in hopes of a sensational second place.


  • Australia

The team’s new coach, Ange Postecoglou replaced the former Holger Osieck after a crushing six-to-nil loss against France in a friendly match in October. Since then, the team has been on a training regimen that hopes to bring them back to international standards and avoid suffering another similar loss against their group opponents.

However, the squad has it far from easy, and are the most likely to finish in last place. This match against Chile is virtually their only chance for points. Will the squad’s top scorer Tim Cahill let them snatch at least a single point from the South American squad?


  • Summary

The two teams seem to be not quite evenly balanced, with Chile being the stronger squad. However, with the team’s star, Vidal, possibly being unable to play his best in this match, their hypothetical lead may be questioned. Which of the two will cash in precious World Cup points?

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