Tivoli has decided to close its international online casino

Tivoli casino close



Tivoli has decided to close its international online casino (TivoliCasino) during April 2016




Tivoli’s Commercial Director, Elisabeth Milton Hemmingsen explains:Tivoli rapidly built up a significant market position for its Danish online casino. It was therefore natural to attempt to extend this Danish success story by establishing an international online casino. However, Tivoli’s international online casino has not achieved the desired results. For instance, the deficit has been larger than expected since the start, and consequently, the international casino will now be closed and instead the resources will be focused on the Danish online casino.

The closure of the international online casino does not change the Company’s expectations for 2016.



Tivoli has provided Danes and tourists alike with cultural experiences and entertainment since 1843. Over the years, we have created a strong bond and the Danish people have high expectations of Tivoli’s services and everything we do. The high expectations of our brand are, to a great extent, the key to Tivoli’s success and longevity.

Tivoli is the market leader in Denmark and its brand is strong both in Denmark and abroad. Tivoli is a decent and responsible business with a strong green profile.


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